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Fast, Easy, Fun!

Speedpaint is the ultimate one-coat painting solution

The all-in-one Speedpaint is a true one-coat painting solution offering rich shading, vibrant saturation, and an easy highlight simultaneously. Simply apply one coat of Speedpaint directly over a primed miniature and you are done! It’s as easy as it sounds and if you don’t believe us then check out our “How to Speedpaint” tutorial or follow our quick and simple How-to steps down below.

The Speedpaint 2.0 Range of Colours

Practical Naming Chart

When it comes to Speedpainting – there are no comparisons

Featuring a comprehensive selection of the most sought after colours in combination with an innovative resin medium solution – Speedpaint 2.0 flows perfectly over your miniatures for vibrant saturation, rich shadows, and an easy highlight all in one-coat. What’s more, Speedpaint 2.0 offers unparalleled control for even coverage that yields better looking results. Whether you’re using the smart selection of paints in the Starter Set, the extended range Mega Set 2.0, the full Complete Set 2.0 or picking just the perfect bottles for the job off the rack at your friendly local game store – the Speedpaint 2.0 range of 90 colours offers a wealth of tools for the beginner and veteran miniature hobbyists alike.

One thing is for sure: from primer coat to tabletop-ready – Speedpaint 2.0 is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to bring beautifully painted miniatures to life on the gaming table.

Starter Set 2.0

The NEW Speedpaint 2.0 Starter features a comprehensive collection of the hobby’s favorite one-coat painting solution reformulated to meet the demands of painters of all skill levels.

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Most Wanted Set 2.0

The Most Wanted Paint Set includes all the original 24 Speedpaint colours that were found in the Original Speedpaint Mega Paint Set reformulated for superior speed and performance.

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Mega Set 2.0

Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0 comes with a new formula, expanded colour range that includes 45 new colours, and for the first time ever, it introduces Speedpaint Metallics!

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What is Speedpaint 2.0?

As we prepared the launch of the next generation of what has become a fan-favorite paint range, a lot of frequently asked questions have popped up and to best answer them all, listen to what Bo, Thomas and Adam has to say in this video, where they discuss what Speedpaint is, can do and what to be excited about with the improved formula.

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Complete Set 2.0

That includes all 23 original colours, 44 newly developed colours, 10 Speedpaint Metallics – AND – 12 colours designed by Dana Howl, Watch It Paint It, and Goobertown Hobbies of our Paint Development Team!

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Metallics Set 2.0

Our revolutionary new Speedpaints Metallics are the easiest way to get metallic effects on your miniatures in one simple application. Speedpaint Metallics are the hobby’s first-ever metallic one-coat painting solution, and this paint set is the fastest way to get your hands on all ten!

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5 Best Practices

With any new paint product or technique, there’s always a bit of a learning curve to get the best results. With Speedpaint, that learning curve isn’t so steep.

Here are 5 Best Practices to get the most from this awesome new technique to add to your hobby arsenal.

For more videos on Speedpaint, check out our Youtube channel.

How to

Start by priming your miniature with Colour Primer Matt White, or our Airbrush Matt White Primer for the best adhesion and vibrant results. Other colours can be employed for a different unique result.

Shake the bottle thoroughly to mix your paints and ensure the pre-loaded Mixing Balls are not stuck in the dropper well. If they are, simply remove them by sticking a needle or cocktail stick through the nozzle.

A hard palette is recommended for Speedpaint. If you use our Wet Palette, there’s a chance that the Speedpaint will bleed through the Hydro Sheet and stain your Hydro Foam.

Load your brush with a liberal amount of Speedpaint and apply a generous coat over the desired areas, allowing the pigment to flow into the recesses and details of the miniature and let dry.

Finish off your paint job with a protective layer of Anti-Shine Matt Varnish Spray or Airbrush Varnish. If you wish to add more layers or highlights with acrylic paints, we recommend applying a layer of varnish first.

For extra details and really bringing your miniature to life, finish the base off using the many different Tufts and basing materials from our Battlefields Basing range.

Dipit says

Maximize the results by Speedpainting a zenithal primed miniature!

Dipit says

Prime, Paint and Play

Are you ready to paint your hordes of grey plastic, armies of unpainted miniatures, and piles of miniature shame faster and easier than ever before? Then Speedpaint is the tool for the job. Get started with our Speedpaint Starter Set, indulge in the full-range found in the Speedpaint Mega Set, and be sure to stock up on the best primers and varnishes for the job.

Achieving prime results requires the right primer

We recommend priming your miniatures with Colour Primer Matt White for best adhesion and vibrant colour

 Colour Primer Skeleton Bone and Necrotic Flesh are also fun to play around with for unique results and Warpaints Air Matt White Primer can come in handy as well. If you really want to push Speedpaint to it’s limit, try applying it over a zenithal basecoat!

Colour Primer Matt White yields the most vibrant colours

The pale green of Necrotic Flesh develops a more muted, de-saturated effect

Speedpaint really shines when applied over Colour Primer Plate Mail Metal

Start Speedpainting today