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Welcome to
The Army Painter

We are passionate gamers. Our company was born out of a desire to paint armies to a high standard – and fast! We’re here to teach you everything you need to know, from the first clip of sprue to a finished painted masterpiece. We’ll offer tips and tricks, as we detail our four-step painting method: Spray, Paint, Dip, Done!

Consider our website your greatest resource for hobby technique, insights and inspiration. So whether you are new to the hobby or a veteran, you are sure to learn a new thing or two to elevate your miniature painting game!

Get more time for gaming!

The Army Painter is the brainchild of Bo Penstoft and Jonas Færing. Together they are long-standing veterans of the wargaming and hobby industry. The Army Painter founders have fielded over 30 fully painted armies, the product of countless hours of work. But all of that time at the hobby desk is time not spent at the gaming table! The Army Painter’s mission is to win back those hours at the hobby desk by creating products that will bring your miniatures to life. From bare pewter, resin, and plastic to a beautiful tabletop standard – fast and easily. All to get you More Time for Gaming!

Over time, we have developed a full range of products to help you assemble, paint, and shade your models. The Army Painter is a brand you can trust to always deliver the highest quality paints and innovative hobby accessories. Along with top-quality products, we’ve played a committed role in supporting the hobby and gaming community through events, charity, and classes for the past 14 years.


Before the real painting begins you need to prepare your miniatures for the project. This may require cutting, filing, and gluing to assemble your miniature. This is where the importance of planning plays a role – especially when painting large projects like hordes of zombies, packs of orcs, or ranks of warriors of both good and evil. Choosing a colour scheme is integral to achieving the end result. Follow our four-step painting method and get started on your painting project today!

Applying the perfect coloured base for a miniature can save you hours of painting time and creates the foundation for your project.

Here we’ll show you the techniques, tips, and tricks for painting and applying a smooth basecoat for your project.

This is where the magic happens! You’ll now learn the fast and easy way to add depth and shading to your basecoated miniature using Quickshade Dip and Wash.

Adding the finishing touches to your miniature like highlights, basing, effects, and other details to make it pop and forge your thematic story on the table.

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Choose the path of your painting journey

Whether you’re new to the hobby or a veteran painter, this site has something for you! We’ve divided the site into two categories; one features basic painting techniques for new and novice painters, the other is designed for those looking to take their painting techniques and finished models to the next level.

There’s a little something for everybody here, so don’t be afraid to jump back and forth between the two sections to discover, refine, and imagine all that awaits you. Whether you’re getting your brush wet with Warpaints on your first ever miniature, aiming for the top spot in a grand painting competition, or looking for tips and time-saving army painting tricks – look no further. It’s time to choose your path. Let’s start painting!

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