The Army Painter

The Army Painter

The Army Painter has loads of Hobby Galleries for whatever system, size or theme.

Take a look below or search our Gallery to find inspiration for your next army project. Don't be fooled - it is a s easy as it looks!

Latest Galleries

Zombicide Black Plague: Clovis
How to paint Clovis the Knight using Colour Primer and Warpaints Black Plague paint set.
Published: 21-03-2017
Prioress Theresa
Dark Red Power Armour painted with Colour Primer: Chaotic Red
Published: 21-03-2017
Zombicide Black Plague: Walker
How to paint Zombie Walkers using Colour Primers and Warpaints.
Published: 20-03-2017
Saxon Thengs
Dark Age Saxon Thengs sprayed with Colour Primer: Plate Metal Metal and dippped in Quickshade S..
Published: 19-03-2017
Sci-Fi Ruin - Matt Black
Mantic Sci-Fi Scenery sprayed with Colour Primer: Matt Black
Published: 05-01-2017

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