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The Army Painter has loads of Hobby Galleries for whatever system, size or theme. Take a look below or search our Gallery engine to the right – to find inspiration for your next army project. Don’t be fooled – it is a s easy as it looks!

WP Quickshade Blue Ink Tone over metal

Warpaints Quickshade Blue Tone Ink over a Colour Primer: Gun Metal base.
Created: 14-07-2015

WP Quickshade Blue Tone Ink

A detailed look at Warpaint Quickshade Blue Tone Ink.
Created: 13-07-2015

Dark Angel Dreadnought

A how-to-paint gallery using both Colour Primer: Skeleton Bone, Plate Mail Metal and Angel Gree..
Created: 06-07-2015

Dark Angel Veteran squad

A how-to-paint gallery using both Colour Primer: Skeleton Bone and Colour Primer. Angel Green
Created: 03-07-2015

Dark Angel SM Squad

A Dark Angel Space Marine squad painted with The Painter Technique: Spray-basecoat-dip-done!
Created: 30-06-2015

Dungeon colour variants

A follow-up gallery on how to paint your dungeon in other colours using Colour Primer sprays.
Created: 26-06-2015


A how-to-speed-paint your dungeon scenery tutorial using Colour Primer and Warpaints.
Created: 19-06-2015

Norman Knight Champion

Painting horses using different Coloour Primers speeds up your painting a lot...
Created: 21-04-2015

Viking Bondi Archers

A regiment of Viking Archers painted with Colour Primer: Army Green and Quickshade Strong Tone.
Created: 17-04-2015

Saxon Thengs

Dark Age Saxon Thengs sprayed with Colour Primer: Plate Metal Metal and dippped in Quickshade S..
Created: 13-04-2015

Viking Berserkers

A unit of Viking Berserkers sprayed with Colour Primer: Barbarian Flesh and dipped in Quickshad..
Created: 03-04-2015

Viking Hirdmen

Dark Age viking hirdmen sprayed with Colour Primer: Plate Metal Metal and dippped in Quickshade..
Created: 01-04-2015

Norman Knight

Dark Age norman knight sprayed with Colour Primer: Gun Metal and the horse with Colour Primer: ..
Created: 01-04-2015

Metal Sci-Fi Marine

Metal power armour sprayed with Colour Primer: Plate Mail Metal, shaded with WP Quickshade Dark..
Created: 24-03-2015

Ultramarine Sci-Fi Marine

Blue power armour sprayed with Colour Primer: Ultramarine Blue, shaded with WP Quickshade Blue ..
Created: 24-03-2015

Bone Sci-Fi Marine

Bone power armour sprayed with Colour Primer: Skeleton Bone and highlighted with WP Matt White.
Created: 21-03-2015
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