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D&D Undead Paint Set

Nothing brings a D&D® world to life more than the creatures that inhabit it – and playing with painted miniatures brings the adventure to life right in front of you.

How To Paint: Fists Adelphi (Custom Chapter with ID Card Project)

We've partnered with our friends at ID Card Project, and Instagram fan account that brings hobbyists own Custom Chapters to life! Last month, we hosted a Mega ...

How To Paint: Deathwing Captain

We dug into our bits box to put together this Deathwing Captain conversion. We put our Airbrush Medium, Masterclass Drybrush, and some new Metallics that ...

How To Paint: Necron Royal Warden

Robots are fun to paint. Especially these new models from our friends at Games Workshop. We put our Warpaints, Quickshades, our new Masterclass ...

How To Paint: Tabletop Ready - Necron Warrior

In this video, we show you how to get a robotic warrior army painted up in no-time using our Warpaints, Metallics, and Quickshades to a simple but effective ...

How To Paint: Wargames Exclusive - Imperial Vindilorian

In this tutorial, we put some new prototype Metallic Warpaints to the test as we paint up the Imperial Vindilorian by Wargames Exclusive! Get a behind the scenes ...

The Army Painter: Self-Healing Cutting Mat

We've redesigned our beloved Self-Healing Cutting Mat to be even better! With a bold red design, angled cutting guides, base size references, and even a ...

How To Paint: Stippling

In this tutorial, we once again showcase our Masterclass Drybrush range. This time, Adam paints up another installment to his SAGA: Age of Magic Lords of the ...

Masterclass Drybrush Tutorial: Flesh

The Masterclass Drybrush Range is a fantastic new tool to help you paint a host of new techniques such as drybrushing, stippling, and push-blending.

How To Paint: Angel Ezeriel the Truth Sayer

With our Airbrush Medium hitting stores in just a couple days, and our Masterclass Drybrush Set available for per-order, we combine these techniques to paint ...

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