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The Army Painter: Self-Healing Cutting Mat

We've redesigned our beloved Self-Healing Cutting Mat to be even better! With a bold red design, angled cutting guides, base size references, and even a ...

How To Paint: Stippling

In this tutorial, we once again showcase our Masterclass Drybrush range. This time, Adam paints up another installment to his SAGA: Age of Magic Lords of the ...

Masterclass Drybrush Tutorial: Flesh

The Masterclass Drybrush Range is a fantastic new tool to help you paint a host of new techniques such as drybrushing, stippling, and push-blending.

How To Paint: Angel Ezeriel the Truth Sayer

With our Airbrush Medium hitting stores in just a couple days, and our Masterclass Drybrush Set available for per-order, we combine these techniques to paint ...

How To Paint: Tank

One of the best aspects of the Masterclass Drybrush range is their versatility. Allowing you to expand your range of techniques. Tune-in as Adam showcases ...

How To Paint: Feathers

It's not a drybrush if it doesn't paint feathers. In this tutorial we put our brand new Masterclass Drybrush Set to use and showcase how to achieve a really simple, ...

The Army Painter: Masterclass Drybrush Set

These spectacular and highly specialized drybrushes give ultra-realistic results - revealing every detail of your miniature with ease. The brushes are versatile ...

Coming Soon... The Masterclass Drybrush Set

We know you're excited about this new release, we are too! Here's a few more sneak peaks at the latest addition to our product range to tide you over until it's ...

Introducing: The Masterclass Drybrush

Coming soon: The Masterclass Drybrush range. These spectacular and highly specialized drybrushes give ultra-realistic results - revealing every detail of your ...

How To Paint: Yellow Armour

Yellow is traditionally one of the more difficult colours to paint. Our Colour Primer Sprays make painting yellow super simple, and super fast! In this tutorial, we ...

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