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The Army Painter Varnishes

Whether you're looking to add a dull coat after using our Quickshade method for simple contrast and shading, looking to add a protective coating to your finished ...

Merry Christmas

A special holiday message from your friends at The Army Painter!

The Army Painter Masterclass Brush

The Masterclass Brush features the finest Kolinksy Sable bristles with a fine tip for smooth lining, and detail work. Designed for the discerning painter, yet perfect ...

​@The Army Painter Hobby Brushes

Our Hobby Brushes are made using high-quality Toray synthetic fibers and are designed to cover all of your painting needs from Basecoating to Drybrushing ...

@The Army Painter Wargamer Brushes

Our Wargamer Brushes are handmade in Germany using high-quality Rotmarder Sable and are designed to cover all of your painting needs from Basecoating ...

The Army Painter Wargamers Mega Paint Set

Our Wargamers Mega Paint Set is a massive collection of paints featuring an array of colour choices, Quickshade Washes, Effects and Metallics Warpaints.

Wet Palette: From Your Favorite Painters

We think that we've designed the best Wet Palette there is - but don't take our word for it. We sent a few early releases to some of our favorite painters and ...

Black Friday Bundles

Now's your chance to save BIG on some of the best-selling items from The Army Painter. Three carefully curated bundles to fit any budget, for any painter, with ...

The Army Painter Complete Paint Set

Our Limited Edition Wargamers Complete Paint Set is back and it features every Warpaint in our entire range! If you're a serious gamer or hobbyist, you're going ...

How To Use: The Wet Palette

The hobby minds at The Army Painter put their heads together to develop the perfect Wet Palette for Wargamers. Using only the highest-quality materials and ...

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