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What is in The Mega Paint set? - unboxing

The Army Painter Mega Paint Set is the perfect set for any hobbyist who wants a little of everything. It contains 50 Warpaints including the wildly popular ...

What is in Plastic Assembly Set? - unboxing

The Army Painter Plastic Assembly set contains all the tools and supplies for assembling any wargaming plastic miniature.

What is in The Starter Paint set? - unboxing

The starter paint set is the perfect set if you want to paint your very first miniature! It contains the very basic colours you would need to paint wargaming ...

The Army Painter Technique Guide

Get your very own digital copy of The Army Painter Technique Guide and learn how you can get more time for gaming using The ARmy Painter Technique to get ...

What to expect from the new Complete Warpaints Range

See the difference the Warpaints range and The New Complete Warpaints Range - watch 42 Warpaints become 124 Warpaints.

Starter Paint Set Presentation

The Starter Paint Set is the easiest way to get into your new hobby. The box contains all the base colours you need for your first army project. The box also ...

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Single Miniatures

The Army Painter: Single Miniatures


The Army Painter: Armies/Regiments

Large Models

The Army Painter: Large Models


The Army Painter: Zombicide


The Army Painter: Runewars
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