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Sales Development Representative (English)

Sales Development Representative

Join the world’s largest producer of high-quality gaming paints and accessories. Explore new markets, develop sales strategies, and target the global distributor market. Bring your gaming passion and growth-driven mindset.

The Army Painter is the largest independent production company in the world that creates high quality paints, tools and accessories for wargaming, tabletop gaming and roleplay, and their mission is to help gamers have more fun playing with painted miniatures.

Since the founding in 2007 The Army Painter has grown from a two-person startup with a single product to a complete hobby company with more than 250 products and nearly 80 employees. The company is internationally represented in more than 56 countries and with an export rate of 99% – well established and respected for developing some of the best products and being highly sustainable within their field.

Until today The Army Painter sales has been successful from a base of great products, massive market insight and effective networking. But as the company matures there is a wish for finding growth in both existing and in new markets, followed by the need of initiating more sales activities.

As the new Sales Development Representative (SDR) your initial focus will be the communication to existing customers in Europe and USA. Picking up learnings from them, do upselling and enhance the sales process together with the Sales Team in Denmark.

Setting off from this experience you will be given the opportunity to challenge the current sales approach by defining, developing, and initiating sales towards new targets. Main focus are the global distributors.

You will be the SDR setting the direction for new markets and new partners and you will join the small sales team consisting of a CSO, a Sales Manager and three sales supporters. You will be backed by their knowledge, insight and enthusiasm – giving you the opportunity to create success in the new sales development activities.

To succeed in growing sales for The Army Painter you are expected to:

  • Analyze and utilize the full potential of the market and develop a sales and action plan together with the Sales Manager
  • Initiate sales actions and take responsibility for the full sales process from identifying targets, reaching out, close the contract to onboarding new customers/distributors and maintaining good relation to existing customer base.
  • Participate in trade fairs for networking, market trends and finding new leads.
  • Continue to identify market potential and leads in corporation with the sales and marketing teams.
  • Manage your pipeline and ensure a healthy sales flow for continuous growth in your activities.
  • Share knowledge and learnings in the sales team.
  • Plan your sales work effective and independently – yet still in close communication and sharing with the team.
  • Repeat the winning recipe with an eager and positive attitude.

We believe that you need to have the following profile to succeed as Sales Development representative in The Army Painter:

  • You have experience, insight or passion for the products or the community, meaning that you either share the interest for wargaming or other similar gaming activities – or you have professional experience from retail shops or distributors in the retail business.
  • You have made your first experience in sales – either in retail or in other B2B sales areas.
  • You are ready for your next step in sales and thrilled with the opportunity to excel in the hunt for new markets, new customers and new distributors.
  • You can see yourself handle the entire revenue stream from lead generation to pipeline and closing.
  • You have good communication skills in English, both verbally and in writing.

Roskilde or Skanderborg, Denmark

The sales team is placed in Roskilde, but the new Sales Development Representative can as well work from Head Office in Skanderborg – yet then be ready to spend main part of your time in Roskilde for your intro period.

Travel activities: expected 20-40 days/year

Want to know more?

The recruitment process is handled by SORTH & CO. Please contact Research Consultant Nanna Aarø Møller or Partner Thomas Hansen, if you have any questions.

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About The Army Painter

The Army Painter is an award-winning Danish company comprised of skillful colleagues constituting a passionate team, both at our headquarters in Skanderborg, consisting of administration and production, as well as our Sales- and Customer Service office in Roskilde.

Since The Army Painter was founded in 2007, we have grown to be the largest independent manufacturer of paints and other hobby accessories for wargaming, board games, etc. in the world. Among other things, we have created licensed products for the likes of Disney and Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, The Walking Dead, etc.

We are strongly represented internationally with an export of 99% for no less than 56 countries. Sales are made both B2B by way of distributors, and B2C by way of Amazon and our own webshop.

We have a strong culture, and we love both throwing parties and making fun events. At The Army Painter, you will find your new, best colleagues. We look forward to having you on our team!

Read more about The Army Painter here: About Us