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Welcome to our Painting Guide pages. Here you will find a huge amount of inspirational and really, really cool miniatures and armies that are available on the market which have been painted using our paints. Our paints can be used to paint not only these miniatures, but all other miniatures available on the market.

There are many different gaming systems included, and our search system allows you to quickly get an overview of which miniatures we have galleries of and which products we used to paint them.

The galleries are all step-by-step guides on how to easy and quickly achieve the results presented - and thus get on with the Gaming!

We will regularly add new guides to these pages, so if you will be sure not to miss any, just sign up to our newsletter.

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Painting Guide Key

Next to each Painting Guide you will see a little coloured round dot (or several) plus an encircled letter. These describe what products have been used in the specific guide.
Colour Primers: The Army Painter: Matt Black The Army Painter: Matt White The Army Painter: Anti Shine Matt Varnish The Army Painter: Aegis Suit Satin Varnish The Army Painter: Leather Brown The Army Painter: Army Green The Army Painter: Pure Red The Army Painter: Barbarian Flesh The Army Painter: Plate Mail Metal The Army Painter: Uniform Grey The Army Painter: Desert Yellow The Army Painter: Skeleton Bone The Army Painter: Necrotic Flesh The Army Painter: Greenskin The Army Painter: Daemonic Yellow The Army Painter: Fur Brown The Army Painter: Crystal Blue The Army Painter: Dragon Red The Army Painter: Alien Purple The Army Painter: Angel Green The Army Painter: Wolf Grey The Army Painter: Ultramarine Blue The Army Painter: Goblin Green The Army Painter: Gun Metal The Army Painter: Chaotic Red 
Quickshades: The Army Painter: SOFT Tone The Army Painter: STRONG Tone The Army Painter: DARK Tone 
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