New product launch – GameMaster: Character Starter Paint set


Two years ago, we embarked on an adventure into the Tabletop Roleplay realm with the launch of a brand-new line of products tailored to the Pen and Paper Roleplaying Community. This year, we are set to expand the GameMaster range and universe even further! To kick things off, we are excited to unveil the GameMaster: Character Starter Paint Set – a first-of-its-kind roleplaying paint set that includes everything an adventuring hero needs to get started in the wonderful world of TTRPG – including a full-party of 5 SNAP-FIT MINIATURES!


Expected street date is November 25

Our beloved Colour Primer range has been a leading category and this true 2-in-1 primer and base coat solution is the first step in helping you Get More Time for Gaming. This year, we’re revisiting the range and revamping it by introducing 7 awesome new colours for your miniatures and models.


GameMaster: Character Starter Paint Set



Nothing brings a Fantasy World to life more than the creatures that inhabit it. Playing with painted miniatures will level-up your whole Role-Playing experience as it brings your adventure to life on the tabletop right in front of you. This epic paint set contains 5 fantastic, highly-detailed miniatures, a Starter Brush, and 20 of the most essential colours needed to paint your party of heroes, heroines, and any of the foul monsters, dragons, and evil creatures awaiting them on their adventures.


We’re all about saving time at the hobby desk – and Getting More Time for Gaming – and the heroes and heroines found inside the Gamemaster Character Paint Set are easy-to-build for even the most beginner adventurer thanks to the clever Snap-Fit design of the miniatures. Assemble with glue, or without, and in moments your miniatures will be ready for their first coat of primer, then paint, and you’re ready to play!


We have a lot more in store for you within the expanded GameMaster universe. The GameMaster: Character Starter Paint Set is the first of a series of dedicated TTRPG products and releases. Join us for an adventure like no other in the wonderful world of GameMaster.


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