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Mega Giveaway

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March to 100K

We are on a mission to grow our subscribers on YouTube, and what better way to do it than The Army Painter way – through a massive giveaway! Join us as, at every 5K subscribers, we unleash a set of prizes. And when we reach 100K subscribers, one lucky subscriber will be rewarded with their very own Speedpaint Rack!

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How to participate

1️⃣ Subscribe to our YouTube channel
2️⃣ Like and comment on the video “It’s about to get NUTS!”
— you’re in! There is more than 50 prizes to win!

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5 Winners

Wet Palette



5 Winners

Speedpaint Starter Set 2.0



5 Winners

Warpaints Air Starter Set



5 Winners

GAMEMASTER: Character Starter Set



5 Winners

Speedpaint Most Wanted Set 2.0



5 Winners

Warpaints Air Mega Set



5 Winners

Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0



3 Winners

Warpaints Air Complete Set


3 Winners

Speedpaint Complete Set 2.0


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3 Winners

GAMEMASTER: Dungeons & Cavern Core Set + Character Starter, Wandering Monster and Wilderness Adventure paint set


3 Winners

Wet Palette + Warpaints Mega, Warpaints Air Mega and Speedpaint Mega Set


3 Winners

Wet Palette + Warpaints Complete, Warpaints Air Complete and Speedpaint Complete Set 2.0


100K Subscribers Giveaway

Complete Speedpaint Rack

Win our biggest giveaway we have ever done, our highly beloved Complete Speedpaint Rack! The rack includes the following:

  • 270x Speedpaint bottles (3 of each 90 colours)
  • 2x Speedpaint Most Wanted Set 2.0
  • 3x Speedpaint Starter Sets 2.0
  • 5x 100ml Speedpaint Medium

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and get a chance at winning the 100K prize that is sure to blow you away!

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1 Winner