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The Army Painter: First Choice Retail Program

Retail Benefits

It is our aim to give our gamers and painters the best service possible. A big part of that is to allow gamers to go into their local store, stocked full of The Army Painter Colour Primer sprays, Quickshade dips, Warpaints, brushes and other hobby essentials to get what they need.

To offer this service to our gamers and painters features a comprehensive list of Retail Stores sorted by country, making it easy to locate your nearest store. Stores on the list comes “Recommended by The Army Painter” – an honorable title that carries certain obligations and certain benefits.

The Army Painter First Choice Retail Program is more than the Store Locator. It allows us as a company to communicate directly with the shop staff on the floor; our face to the gamers and painters.

We endeavor to give the retail stores the best possible tools to display and support The Army Painter range working closely in conjunction with our distributing partners across the world.

First Choice!

Just as we want every gamer, modeler and miniature painter to pick The Army Painter products as their First Choice for accessories – we want retail stores in all countries to think of The Army Painter as the First Choice for their accessory lines. In return we offer not only a full circle of accessory products; we will support you - the First Choice Retailer - with samples, direct information and full access to our images and promotional resources.

Stores signed up for The Army Painter First Choice Retail Program will have access to our online platform with all the latest newsletters, product images, resource bank, articles, product information, sales pointers, tutorial video’s, release schdule and much, much more. All you need to do is stock The Army Painter products and register online.

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