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Using colour primers

A wide selection

A Colour Primer is a unique combination of a Primer and a colour spray in one. We have developed a unique formula that works specifically well on metal, plastic, and resin miniatures. The Colour Primers leave a perfect matt finish so paint adheres better than the standard sprays on the market. The super-fine, heavily pigmented spray and specially-designed nozzle ensure that you get excellent coverage without obscuring the fine details on your miniature.

A Colour Primer gives you the perfect coloured base for a miniature and can save you endless hours applying that particular colour by hand. Simply pick the most dominant colour on your miniature and spray away.

Our colour primers

Always a perfect match

Our 2-in-1 Colour Primer Sprays save loads of time because they allow you to prime and basecoat your models – or entire armies – in one step. Unique to our Colour Primers is that they are all a 100% match to the Warpaint™ of the same name. This makes touch-ups easy if you’ve missed any of those hard-to-reach details on the model or happen to paint “outside the lines.”

Let the primer do the work

The more you can let the spray do the hard work the faster your army will be complete. Steeds in particular are a good example of where you could use different colours and save time compared to basecoating with a brush. Glue the models together with Super Glue once dry.

Here is just one example of this, but the possible combinations are endless.

How to use a Colour Primer

Mount the miniatures on a piece of cardboard or wood with either white tack or by spraying a bit of primer on the surface and attach the miniatures onto the stick before the paint dries. This is very easy and fast.

Insert a flathead screwdriver in the slot and twist to break seal.

Shake in a clockwise/counterclockwise motion for 1 min.

Spray at a distance of 15-20 cm (6-8˝). Remember to only use our Colour Primers outside and not under adverse weather conditions. Move the spray at all times to avoid drowning the miniature in paint and obscuring the details.

Spray multiple thin coats in a constant passing motion, starting and stopping while pointing away from the miniatures. Allow the primer to be dry in between coats.

Empty nozzle upside down after each use and store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Now our model is ready to be either basecoated or airbrushed.

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*SNIFF* I Love The Smell Of Colour Primer In The Morning – But You Should Still Use Your Primer In A Well Ventilated Area

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