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Use a wet palette

Keep your Warpaints fresh

The Wet Palette is a game changer! It is designed to keep your Warpaints™ perfectly preserved between painting sessions. Our Hydro Foam structure based on small open pores optimizes water absorption and the slim layer of parchment fibres ensures the right amount of moisture is transferred to the surface for consistency and easy blending.

So next time you mix that perfect shade of green, you don’t have to worry about it being dry, when you return to your project days later. Watch our Blending Guide to see the Wet Palette in action.

How to prepare your Wet Palette

Wet the Hydro Foam completely with fresh tap water.

Put the Hydro Foam in the bottom tray of the palette.

Place a piece of the Hydro Sheet over the foam.

Let the moisture expand the sheet and wipe away the air bubbles and wrinkles to get an even surface.

The Wet Palette is now ready for your paints to be added and you can start painting.

Dipit says

Remember to cover up your paints when you are not using them. It will keep them nice and fresh for longer

Dipit says

Get ready with a wet palette