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Our warpaints

What makes a good paint for miniatures?

At The Army Painter we have developed, what we believe is the best product for the job; a creamy and highly pigmented paint. This ensures optimal coverage whether basecoating or highlighting, but also retains fantastic blending capabilities and thinning options for very experienced painters. Our Starter Paint Set and Mega Paint Set are both perfect kick-off points, if you’re new to the hobby or looking to jump-start your old collection. Here you will find the right starter colour palette – for your future endeavours into the art of painting miniatures.

Our 124 core Warpaints

High-quality formula

Warpaints are high-quality acrylic paints with excellent consistency and opacity. Some colours like blue hues will have a better opacity than for example yellow hues, because pigments behave differently from colour to colour. We are constantly working to ensure that our products meet the high standards demanded by painters all over the World, and the consistency and continuous quality are something we are serious about preserving.

Available Warpaints Sets

Warpaints Lid System

Our different Warpaints are organized into an easy system of coloured lids, that represent which type of product it is. Our standard Warpaints carry the signature white lid, along with the Effect Warpaints, that are utilitarian paint products that help you achieve neat effects like Disgusting Slime, Glistening Blood or pure Warpaints Medium to help control the opacity you require for your painting project. Red lids signify our line of Quickshade Washes, which create spectacular depth and shading for your miniatures. Black lids is our range of Metallic Warpaints, with a vibrantly shimmering metal shine. Finally, but not at all the least is our Gold-lidded bottles of Warpaints Air, specially formulated for use in your airbrush and with a unique Colour Triad System!

Dipit says

Remembering, shaking your paints will ensure that your Warpaints always have the intended pigmentation and coverage

Dipit says

Shake your Warpaints

When you buy Warpaints from your local gaming store the paint inside might have separated a bit. So to get a good experience you need to shake them like this:

  1. Shake the bottle hard
  2. Squeeze out a bit of the separated medium
  3. Shake for 30 seconds
  4. Squeeze out a bit of paint to check the consistency

We also recommend adding Mixing Balls to your paint to make all that shaking a lot easier!

Every colour you’ll ever need