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A brush for every job

Brushes come in many shapes and sizes, each with a different use and purpose. At The Army Painter we have three lines of brushes; Hobby, Wargamer, and Masterclass. Each individual brush has been named to make it easy for you to pick the right brush for the job. Our red-handled Hobby brushes feature synthetic bristles and are the perfect introduction to the hobby. The white-handled Wargamer brushes use our signature triangular handle for perfect grip as well as a variation of bristle types including Rotmarder Sable. Our Masterclass brushes are the best of the best! These specialized brushes feature black handles and premium Kolinsky Sable for the ultimate and professional painting experience.

Masterclass Brushes

Kolinsky Masterclass Brush

The Wargaming: Kolinsky Masterclass brush is the pinnacle of precision to paint fine highlights and details.

Miniature Drybrush

Our smallest Masterclass Drybrush. The soft goat hair and round heads enables unparalleled smooth and subtle application of Warpaints™.

Moderate Drybrush

The workhorse in our Masterclass Drybrush Set. It will leave perfect results every time.

Mighty Drybrush

The mightiest of brushes. Work super effectively on your army by applying highlights over entire miniatures with this large soft drybrush.

Available Masterclass Brushes

Wargamer Brushes

Regiment Brush

For bulk painting, the Regiment Brush is the undisputed King of efficiency and speed when painting your army.

Character Brush

The perfect Edge Highlighting brush. Ultimate control and just the right size.

Wargamer: Detail Brush

The Wargamer: Detail brush is perfect for fine edge highlighting and detail work.

Wargamer: Insane Detail Brush

Painting Eyes? Look no further.

Wargamer: The Psycho

Some say it is only a legend. Use it when no other brush can do the job.

Wargamer: Monster Brush

The Monster brush is a great choice when you are painting a larger model or applying a lot of washes.

Wargamer: Small Drybrush

Our Wargamer Drybrushes with angled bristles are perfect for hard-to-reach areas on your miniature. If you only get one drybrush, it should be this one.

Wargamer: Large Drybrush

Once you have tried the 43° slant on our Wargamer Drybrushes you will never go back.

Wargamer: Vehicle Brush

Big surfaces? Working with Quickshade Dip? This is your brush!


Pro handle

The Wargaming Brushes have ergonomic triangular handles giving you a more natural and relaxed grip. Enhancing your accuracy with details and basecoating!

Available Wargamer Brushes

Hobby Brushes


Hobby: Basecoating Brush

The Hobby: Basecoating brush is our synthetic workhorse that will last you for many models. It is also perfect for applying washes.

Hobby: Highlighting Brush

Great for layering highlights on your miniatures and edge highlighting those armour panels.

Hobby: Precise Detail Brush

A synthetic precision tool. Get those awesome details painted with this brush.

Hobby: Super Detail Brush

Our smallest synthetic brush. Perfect for adding the finest details to your miniatures.

Hobby: Drybrush

Soft synthetic bristles with a great flex is all you need from this brush to get drybrushing

Available Hobby Brushes

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Take care of your brushes and they will reward you for it!

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