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Using Varnish

Three types of finish

We always recommend varnishing your miniatures when you are done painting them. By using a varnish you protect your freshly painted creation from the dangers of the tabletop making them last for many years of battle-damage and ensuring that you always have your favourites looking pristine on the battlefield. Our range of varnishes come in three different finishes: Anti-shine Matt, Aegis Suit Satin, and Gloss. With our popular Matt varnish being available in both Spray and brush-on form. And the workhorse varnish, for entire armies Aegis Suit being available in Spray and Airbrush versions.

Our Varnishes

Get your desired effect

By combining different varnish sheen-types you can create realistic effects such as Glistening Blood, Wet Mud, or the moistness of an eyeball. Try finishing your miniatures with Anti-shine Matt Varnish and brushing on Gloss Varnish to the areas you want to have a reflective sheen.

How to use a Spray Varnish

Mount the miniatures on a piece of cardboard or wood with either white tack or by spraying a bit of varnish on the surface and attach the miniatures onto the stick before it dries. This is very easy and fast.

Insert a flathead screwdriver in the slot and twist to break seal.

Shake in a clockwise/counterclockwise motion for 1 min.

Spray at a distance of 25-30 cm (10-12˝). Remember to only use our Spray Varnishes outside and not under adverse weather conditions. Move the spray at all times to avoid drowning the miniature, creating run-off.

Spray multiple thin coats in a constant passing motion, starting and stopping while pointing away from the miniatures. Allow the varnish to be dry in between coats.

Empty the nozzle upside down after each use and store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Your squad of newly painted miniatures are now battle-hardened and ready for the gaming table and any damage your tabletop gaming adventures can throw at them.

Dipit says

Protect your work from the horrors of minature battle and chipped paint with a good coat of varnish

Dipit says

Protect your work