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Finishing the Base

The last details

Bases are often an overlooked part of the process; your choice of basing is an important one. It binds your army of generals, troops, and vehicles together as a coherent force and is a rewarding final touch. With the wide range of tools, basing materials, tufts, XPS foam and primers available in The Army Painter’s product catalogue, your possibilities for storytelling are almost endless! Forge your own narrative and let your imagination run wild.

A wide range of tufts

With everything from a grassy flower meadow to plasma-scorched wasteland there is no excuse for your bases to look flat and uninteresting. Our range of Battlefield tufts comes with three different tuft-sizes in every pack and creates realistic bases for your next army.

Dipit says

Apply tufts with either Battlefield Basing Glue or Super Glue!

Dipit says

Finishing our warband

Start out by thinning the Battlefield Basing Glue slightly with water and apply it to your base with a brush.

Dip the base of the miniature fully in Brown Battleground and tap off the excess Battleground material. If some basing material is stuck to an area you are unhappy with remember to remove it or tap it down.

You could stop after the glue dries, but if you want even better looking bases you can basecoat it with a Warpaint.

Drybrush a lighter highlight colour on top. You don’t need to finish with highlight techniques, because you will cover parts of it with grass etc.

But, we do recommend applying a Quickshade Wash for more shadow.

Finally add some tufts for some interesting vegetation and added realism. Here we use Wasteland Tuft and a bit of Battlefield Basing Glue.

Now our squad of Orcs are done and ready for the tabletop!

Basing for any theme