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How to use Quickshade Dip

Get more time for gaming

The original Quickshade™ Dip is different! An entirely unique product on the market, it will enable you to paint the army of your dreams in no time at all. Just apply it with a brush or simply dip your basecoated miniatures, shake, and you are almost done. Watch the video to get a full overview of just how effective the technique is. Quickshade™ Dip is the foundation for The Army Painter Technique this guide is based upon and why chapter 3 is called Dip in the first place. The original Spray, Paint, Dip, Done!

Get more contrast in three levels

Quickshade™ Dip comes in our three classic levels of toning: Soft, Strong, and Dark. After drying for 24-48 hours you will see the result Quickshade™ Dip has created: More contrast than any wash will leave on your miniatures, perfect for a great result in no time!

Dipit says

Always start out by testing the Quickshade on ONE miniature. If you’re happy with the result, you can safely dip the rest.

Dipit says

How to use Quickshade Dip

Start out by basecoating all the miniatures you want to dip with all the base colours you need. You can dip a lot of miniatures quickly, if you have them all prepared to this stage.

Gently stir the Quickshade Dip thoroughly with a stick before using it. Do not shake the can as it will create air bubbles.

Dip the entire miniature into the Quickshade Dip. Do not panic if it looks ruined, once shaken it will look fantastic.

Shake you miniature in a whip-like motion to remove excess Quickshade. This step is messy so make sure you do this outside and that you are wearing clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. Leave to dry completely for 24-48 hours.

After drying for 24-48 hours the Quickshade should be completely hardened and your model is finished. The miniature will dry to a gloss finish, which you can remove with our Matt Varnish spray.

Now you can paint on a layer of highlights by carefully painting the edges of the armor and the skin. You can learn more about this process in detail in the section ‘Highlighting’ as well as adding finishing touches described in the ‘Done’ category.

An oil-based product

Because Quickshade™ Dip is an oil-based product you can use mineral turpentine to clean Quickshade Dip off your brushes and clothes. Always use synthetic brushes as turpentine will ruin natural hair brushes.

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