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Using magnets

Different configurations

By using magnets to create swappable parts for your units you can select the load-out for your troops that fit the battle they have to fight. Enabling you to welcome in a whole new world of customization because you don’t have to choose which configuration they are in when you paint them. Allowing you to be ready for whatever your opponent can throw at you.

How to magnetize miniatures

Clean any mould-lines and dry-fit the parts that you want to magnetize, making sure that parts will sit flush, as if you were going to glue them together.

Drill a hole for the magnet in the torso first. Our 3mm Drill Bit for the Miniature Model Drill fit our magnets perfectly.

Glue a 3mm Miniature Model Magnet in place using Super Glue.

Drill out a hole in the arm to fit a magnet of the same size. Be careful not to go all the way trough the arm.

Put another magnet on the one that was glued in place. This will ensure their polarity match.

Add a small drop of superglue to the magnet “backside” while it is on the model.

Push the arm on to the model and drag it off sideways so the magnet stays in the hole.

All you need is available in the shop:

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If you keep using components you have already magnetized to ensure the polarity match, all the arms will fit all the bodies.

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