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Bases make a difference

Tell a story

The choices you make about how to base your miniatures are really impactful. Just take a look at our putrid warrior, standing on three different bases: On hometurf in a desolate wasteland, in overgrown elven territories, and far way in a scorching desert. The base is as much a part of your army as the miniature itself and when displayed on the tabletop, the bases are some of the first things your opponent will notice. Consistent bases will make your army look coherent tying it together and tell a thematic story.

Different materials, different textures

By combining different basing materials you can create some truly stunning bases. Our basing product all have different textures when applied, and with a bit of creative thinking you can use them in ways that go beyond they might seem to be capable of on the surface. Try adding Battlefield snow alongside Brown Battleground and Battlefield Rocks to vary the texture of the ground.

You can even use bits of Summer Undergrowth with Battlefield Grass Green glued to the ends and then primed and painted to create small shrubberies.

Brown Battleground
Your bread-and-butter basing, this ground material is perfect for a myriad of scenarios.

Battlefield Snow
Not just for your winter soldiers. Use the fine grained snow in conjunction with the other materials to create varied texture on your bases.

Battlefield Rocks
Large rocks, and small rocks, even tactical rocks. Rocks are everywhere, and absolutely essential.

Summer Undergrowth
Create bushes and lush overgrown ruins. Use it in big clumps or pick out long twisting vines.

Grass Green
A fine turf for your battlefield. Easy-to-apply and vibrant grass.

Field Grass
Lush static grass flock for your scenery or bases.

Steppe Grass
For dryer climates and and a change of scenery

Battlefield Razorwire
Sharp and nasty, and still around 40.000 years into the future.

Dipit says

Putting my bare feet on these bases makes me feel like i am right back in mammas cave… Combining several materials is what will really give the natural look

Dipit says

Static Grass

Our static grass is easily applied with some Battlefield Basing Glue. Thin it down with a bit of water and apply a generous layer of your grass colour of choice. Finally, hold the base upside down and flick the back of the base with your finger to help the grass to stand up.

Razor Wire

Most battlefields from WW1 and forward (even 40,000 years out in the future…) use Razor Wire. It is super easy to use as you simply roll it around a brush handle or similar – and then proceed to cut out the length you need.