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About us

The Army Painter Mission

Playing games with painted miniatures is more fun and immersive. It brings the battles fought and narratives forged to life right in front of you on the gaming table! The Army Painter was founded to help gamers of all types have more fun playing. Having painted miniatures using high-quality products, that are affordably priced, and perfect for the job. All designed to make painting fun, easy, and fast. Win back those hours at the hobby desk. Get More Time for Gaming!

The Army Painter Story

The Army Painter is the brainchild of Bo Penstoft and Jonas Færing. Veterans with many years in the wargaming and hobby industry. The two teamed up to launch the original Quickshade Dip. It is the first ever speed painting solution to be brought to market. The beginnings of what would become The Army Painter. Quickshade was an instant success, and the company would then go on to produce other groundbreaking and top-quality products and ranges. The Army Painter on their path to become an industry innovator and leader.


The Army Painter Evolution

Since 2007, The Army Painter has grown from a two-person startup with one product to a complete hobby company with nearly 80 employees. Army Painter in a new state-of-the-art production facility in Skanderborg, Denmark. A far cry from filling Quickshade tins from a tiny red barn in Bo’s backyard. The Army Painter Colour Lab has gone on to develop several key products and ranges. All designed to help new and experienced gamers bring their gray plastic sprues to life. From the first clip to the final layer of paint – and everything in between.


We are passionate gamers first and foremost, with hundreds of completed armies produced between us. Our products are designed by gamers for gamers to make painting easier and more fun. We will never stop innovating. We will always strive to do right by our customers, because every product that we make meets or exceeds the demands of the hobby-crazed individuals that make up The Army Painter. Our commitment is to always offer high-quality products, at responsible prices. We offer informative how-to guides and videos that demystify the hobby. Our products, approach, and education combined will lower the barrier of entry for new gamers making the hobby more inclusive.

No matter how big we may become, we will never forget our roots. That’s why we continue to support the hobby community through events, sponsorships, and donations. Because gamers are what make this hobby, and industry – great.

Key products

Turn hours of painting into seconds with Quickshade! A quick dip of your miniature in the Quickshade and the miniature has been shaded to perfection!

This 2-in-1 primer and basecoat system has a 100% Colour Matching Warpaint of the same name for consistency colour and easy corrections.

The Warpaints Acrylics range includes 124 vibrant colours, shimmering Metallics, effective Effects paints, and the #1 wash in the industry – our Quickshade Washes.

A truly airbrush-ready system, Warpaints Air require no additional thinning and the Colour Triad System makes airbrushing easier than ever!

What happens when you take the ease of use of our Quickshades and combine them with the high-quality pigments of our Warpaints? You get Speedpaint, our one-coat painting solution.

The Battlefields range was designed to make basing your miniatures simple and fast. With flock, rock, and our top-selling Battlefields Tufts to take your miniatures to the next level.

 The Gamemaster range has everything a dungeon or game master needs to bring their RPG settings to life including XPS Foam, Hot Wire Cutters, Terrain Sprays & more!

We offer a wide range of high-quality and competitively priced hobby tool options that save money. We have you covered in all the essentials tools to suit any assembly job.

Since 2007, we’ve made paints for D&D, Zombicide, Cool Mini or Not, Warlord Games, Mantic Games, and many more – even a game from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

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The founders


Bo Penstoft, CEO

A veteran of the hobby and games industry, Bo’s resume includes 10 years for Games Workshop, the last 6 years as their Northern European Head of Marketing. In 2007, Bo took a chance and started his own company along with Jonas Færing. It all started with a little tin of Quickshade and has grown into an industry-leader for paints and accessories. We like to think the chance paid off.

Bo is a veteran gamer and is very active on the tournament scene. With the invention of Quickshade, he rarely fields the same army twice and is often chasing the meta sourcing the new overpowered units in whatever game he’s playing now.

Jonas Færing, Co-founder

Jonas has owned and run a series of highly successful retail stores in Scandinavia. This experience is widely used when he tests the quality, design, and usability of the company’s products with a keen eye on the demands of the customer and retailers. Since 2007, Jonas has worked hand-in-hand with our retailers to help them grow their businesses and serve their customers with The Army Painters range of products.

A centerpiece at industry trade shows, Jonas is a former Games Workshops ‘Eavy Metal master painter and has put his painting knowledge to work in the development of our Warpaints, Quickshades, and more.